Sunday, 4 April 2010

True Blood Vampire meal

The staff were dead on their feet

(I'm sorry The Shed's mum)we had a silly half hour beforehand

True Blood

Tuna Stake

Welsh cheeses

Red Velvet Cake


Very spicy True Bloody Mary (with fresh grated horseradish)

Garlic focaccia shots with Roasted tomato soup

Open ravioli with pepperonata, red pesto and goat's cheese

Tuna 'stake' with red cabbage confit

Welsh cheese board from Moelfaban supperclub and charcoal biscuits with chutney from House of Chutney

I know what you did last summer pudding (pink rhubarb and forest fruit)

Red Velvet birthday cake (a particular triumph)with Blackcurrant curd topping by The Laundry

Douwe Egberts Velvet blend coffee and red glitter chocolates from Suki & Me

A vampire menu, dominant colour red. Quite tricky, making fresh pasta ravioli then searing tuna for 26 covers simultaneously. Many of the guests from this private party worked in the opera, one loved that my waitress was called Aida. The bathroom was dominated by people drenching themselves in blood, applying their fangs. I did my research, read one of the True Blood's Jackie Collins meets Anne Rice. Not a bad thing.

Some pictures of the prep

Red Cabbage

Blanching the red first it's blue because of the anthocyanins

Mix for Red Velvet cake...

Roasting tomatoes for the soup topped with herbs dried on the Aga


  1. So it's true what they say then - red is dead.

    Photos added a great humour to a busy busy Thursday.

  2. looks like a lot of fun, as inventive as ever! The "I know what you did last summer pudding" made me laugh out loud

  3. Looks wicked! and I love True Blood! You are always so creative! I love it! xxx


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