Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Palmiers, tricks and finds on the Cote d'Azure

Palmiers recipe
Palmiers made with pesto and black olive tapenade.

Petite astuce, a little tip, for a very easy canapé to go with drinks...'les palmiers': little biscuits that can be sweet or savoury.

Savoury Palmiers Recipe

Serves around 15

Buy a roll of ready made puff pastry
To be filled with either:
Pine nuts
Tapenade, black or green olive
Anchoiade, a creamy anchovy paste
Sun blushed tomatoes

or if you want to make a sweet version:
cinnamon sugar
lavender sugar
crushed nuts such as almonds or hazelnuts

Roll out your puff pastry.
Spread your chosen filling over the sheet of pastry.
From either side, start rolling the pastry towards the middle.
Both ends should meet in the middle.
Then cut 1/4 inch slices along your 'roll' and place on baking tray. (If the pastry doesn't cut well and has got too warm, place it in the freezer for five or ten minutes).
Bake on a high oven, 200C/400F, Aga roasting shelf, for ten minutes or then turn over the little biscuits and do the other side for five/ten minutes or until golden.
Serve hot, warm or cold with the aperitif.

And some more pictures of the South of France:
I love the food packaging from Albert Ménès
A trio of cheeses: goat, sheep and cow
Wine in an ordinary French supermarket: yes that's the price, 1.5k! The cabinet is locked however.
Some gorgeous vintage seed packets I bought. The woman who sold me these proposed doing an Franco-British exchange, she was looking for vintage postcards of porn.
"Those sell?" I asked. "J'ai des clients" she said darkly (I have clients).
My buys this last Sunday at le jas des roberts: a crystal glass dish (8 euros), some tin moulds for jellies, blancmanges (6 euros all), seed packets each with 50 drawings (5 for 15 euros), a wooden 'basket' for displaying fish (10 euros), a vintage tea towel in linen (2.5 euros), some more blue/white/pink plates (less than a euro each).
My reward after a boiling morning's hunting: a little kir or pastis on the terrace of le Jas des Roberts restaurant. 
Old and vintage typical Provencale skirts
A 19th century jacket
Enameled temperature gages, some old, some new...
An enormous old clock face

Vintage pressure cookers
Then we go home and read...

Violet garlic
The teen and cousin, with our beach bags: an Italian Co-Op reusable bag, a jute bag given for free at the Real Food Festival. Does the trick and is pas cher! #austeritychic


  1. Thanks so much for your comment - it made my day that someone understands! How come it was so depressing and dull for you? Those pastries look delicious - will definitely be giving those a whirl... I have another 7 1/2 weeks here...I'm going to grin and bear it but it has put me off the idea of a chalet ski season now...I have a love hate relationship with London but I reckon I'd be happier there in the long run... xxx

  2. I was very lonely, there was no work, there was no culture other than drinking and watching sport. The French weren't friendly.
    London isn't as pretty but it's alive, it's stimulating, stuff is going on, you can get the tube, people like to laugh.

  3. Ms M, you've almost convinced me to have a go at those! If I keep them in a tin, how long do you think they'd last?

    Also, that photo at the Jas de Roberts had me instantly thinking of Toulouse Lautrec! No higher compliment. Brilliant composition and the sort of photo I'd give my eye-teeth to have taken!

  4. Thank you Mr Chumbles: I adore toulouse Lautrec.

  5. lilmissdumpling5 August 2010 at 11:27

    beautiful pics! i wish i could be there with you eating pastries and going to cute little french markets. how long you gone for? miss ya x

  6. Little Miss: you are always jetting about...hope to see you soon x

  7. I make palmiers with my mum every Christmas. I usually make anchovy or Parmesan but I will make an effort to branch out this year!

  8. That photo of the restaurant is just like something off of Renoir. Beautiful pics : )

  9. Looks like you found some great treasures! How much fun!


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