Thursday, 26 August 2010

A vibrant August dinner

The colours of Italy: slow roasted cherry tomatoes on the vine

Cocktail: The Bitter Underground (1 measure Suze, 1 measure gin, tonic, ice, lemon zest and 1 tablespoon of sugar) the perfect drink for a sultry stormy summer night
Home made cheese stuffed tortelloni with garden mushroom and cream sauce garnished with courgette tagliatelli
Salmon en papillotte
Slow roasted cherry tomatoes
Rosemary salt roasted new potatoes
Giant pavlova with strawberries (a record 21 egg whites)

Red pepper tapenade 


Lepiota mushrooms from my garden. I found these growing in the morning. I know they are safe as I checked them during mushroom walks with Andy Overall, an ex 80s pop star who is now an eyeliner wearing ranger on Hampstead heath.

Courgette tagliatelli

...shaved finely on my vintage French mandoline

Saumon en papillotte, garnished with basil and chervil

Don't forget The Underground Farmers & Craft Market is on September 19th. I will be blogging soon about the stalls and demos.
Tickets for future dinners at The Underground Restaurant can be found here


  1. I've been on one of those mushroom walks. Didn't know Andy was a pop star though!

    The weather was dreadful - sideways rain and a tree fell down. I couldn't blog it because the rain was so bad I left my camera at home. I keep meaning to sign up for another one, and cross my fingers that the weather will be better!

  2. Another lovely post - how I wish I did London! I'm always amazed at how you produce such wonderful looking food in such a small space and with an Aga, too. Your operation looks like a biplane to a modern jet fighter (i.e. compared with a big modern kitchen), but to punish the simile even more, you fly rings round them!

  3. Yes Andy's walks are brilliant.

    Mr Chumbles: thank you again.

  4. Looks delicious - I love the tomatoes! xxx

  5. What a stunning meal! Not only does it look amazing but I have a feeling it tasted amazing too.

  6. Fantastic web site, I hadn't noticed previously during my searches!
    Keep up the fantastic work!

  7. A mandolin without a hand guard, yikes!
    I just bought one, and look what happened on Friday when I tried to test it:

  8. my mouth is watering just looking at all your lovely photographs. one day i'll be in london when your lovely dinners are on - i have the worst timing for going on holidays!


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