Monday, 20 September 2010

Pictures from The 2nd Underground Farmer's & Craft Market

Phew. Still recovering. It was better than last time even. We had a fantastic selection of stalls with good high quality produce: one person said "you could do a proper shop". People tweeted their purchases: search #ufcm
For me the highlight was the Spanner Jazz Punks two sets, they reminded me of Ian Drury, Kilburn and the High Roads. No small feat singing while engulfed in bonfire smoke as John the poacher threw live crayfish onto the fire! We had interlopers: the kids from the estate next door hung over the fence and later attempted a steaming. Fortunately my mum was willing to play bad cop and turf them out. (Always a tough one though, on the one hand you want to encourage kids to know more about real food, on the other, when they come in a mob of 15 it is a little unnerving).
All of these people (the stallholders) are looking up at me. "I feel messianic" I said. I gave a little motivational group hug stylee speech just before opening time.

Spanner Jazz Punks
Bristol Vintage, her hubbie makes these cake stands!
Bristol Vintage, teaspoons...

Make and Bake and Souped Up
View from the shed
E5 Bakehouse explains how to make sourdough
He has a remarkably casual technique for making delicious bread
Me wearing a tea cosy from Tiny Inc

Alice Turner 'Afternoon Outings' cards in the shed
AnnaMae's Smokehouse pulled bbq pork
Christopher Avery, Saturday Morning Bakery, a home bakery in Kilburn.
The Deli Station had rare Italian cheeses. 
Handmade aprons from TinyInc
Handyface's sarf London halloumi, another triumph for urban cheese.
Da Caribbean Undagroun' "best jerk ever" said Alissia from Brixton.
Supper club hostess Kitchen Jezebel demonstrates how to make home made moisturiser with beeswax and oil.
James of Dose-Espresso gave a talk on coffee. To be honest I thought it'd be boring, but it was one of the most interesting demonstrations of the day. Coffee is one of the biggest commodities in the world after oil. The history of coffee is political. James explained that the English drink tea because of a deliberate political decision; it became unpatriotic to drink coffee which was imported by our enemies, the Dutch and the French while we were at war with them.

Lorraine of inSpiral Lounge. The vegan Key Lime pie was a revelation. Lorraine showed how to make raw chocolates. She explained her journey towards becoming a vegan. Apart from loving animals, it appears to have been heavily influenced by Damon of Blur and other crushes.
MamaLan is becoming a dab hand with the Aga! Another brilliant live cooking demonstration from this nimble fingered Chinese supper club hostess.
Marcia Vidal's exquisite silver jewellery
The Next Big Event, a wandering supper club from up north, had the softest tastiest Staffordshire oat cakes.
Squ!sito supper club, her sausages went down a treat.
The Underground Tea Party girls unusual cakes
Top Hat Catering's dill sauce and sweet chilli sauce were addictive
The teen selling our salsa and guacamole.
The Other Side Magazine sold out of their almond pesto.
Simon of Ten Green Bottles gave an impromptu tasting class to a London wine tasters group. Like the way he's used the fire bath.
Handtomouth kitchen's cucumber G & T's, and elderberry prosecco cocktails were a hit!

Lessons learnt:
Starting earlier is good.
Maybe take a deposit from stallholders to avoid the "a dog ate my chutney" excuse-mongers.
Buy a loud hailer.
More music.

Thinking of doing a pre-Christmas market so people can give foodie gifts. What say you?

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Extra thanks to Audrey Khoo of Happy Kitchen, Laura, Ali of Top Hat and Alissia for helping out before and during the day.


  1. looks like a fantastic event and well done on getting your mum to do security (lol!).

  2. Looks like a brilliant day, glad it was an even bigger success than the first! I must make sure I get there next time.

  3. looks brilliant - sorry i didnt make it down. hangover.

  4. Great pictures! Can't wait for the next one!

  5. MML

    Thank you sooooooo much for an amazing day.

    You are a star!

    Lots of fun and lots of incredible things being sold and done by fabulous people.

    Can't wait for your next one!!


  6. I loved it all; I quaffed the wine at the wine tasting (which apparently is not the go, but no one cared), tasted everything I could get my hands on, loved the band (I agree more music next time), loved talking to the supper clubs I've been reading about (in the flesh!). Spotted the interlopers although there were only about 4 when I looked, good job you had security covered! Enough cake to satisfy my cake passion, the raspberry tart was devine and I washed it down with a cucumber G&T. A fine fine day.

  7. I left absolutely mesmerised (or was it my belly??, smiling like an idiot all the back home!

    well done Ms - my faith in the food revolution has been re livened!:)

  8. So much work! And I'm missing out on all these amazing artists?! When is the next one scheduled?

  9. Lovely pictures and great idea to do a pre Christmas event - perfect for stocking up those stockings. And, with plenty more bonfires, mulled wine and hot toddies, who cares about the weather.

  10. thanks for your comments: reading about people's enjoyment of the day really makes it all worth while!
    Eatmynels: your (Robins) pizza would have been fantastic.
    Thinking of how to do the christmas one...will need some help!

  11. Wow! Amazing! So well done! It looks fantastic. You packed so much in, it really looks so cool and such a great selection of stalls. All of the cake stands on your bed look so funny! You & the teen are great to open your house and share with everyone! x

  12. another wow for you missus!! what great pics - and lovely comments. I hope that this inspires you to take this to the next level......

    as for a pre-christmas do - let us know, soon!

  13. A Christmas one sounds wonderful!

  14. What a fab event!!!.. last night we had the crayfish and have just made mushroom risoto with the mushrooms we bought from Poacher was all so yummy...(must find out what my friend thought of the pickle she got, oh also my kids whoofed down the brownies and shortbread when we brought them home) Will come to the xmas event and look forward to it

  15. How exciting! This looks so much fun! x

  16. It looks fantastic! I hope I can make the next one! Well done!!! xxx

  17. Want to come to your next event sooo bad!!!

  18. Please, please do another one before Christmas. I missed this one as had booked to go to, Hel Yes!, a pop-up restaurant in Islington, but wish I could have been in two places at once.

    Looks like it was a great success.

  19. Thank you everybody. A week later and I'm still recovering!
    Need help to set up a christmas one!
    Any stallholders/publicists/handy people want to help out with a North West London Christmas market?

  20. I'm so annoyed I was away when this marvellous event was happening. Maybe next year!


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