Monday, 15 November 2010

The Underground Christmas Market on December 5th

Yes it's that time again! I turn my flat into a farmer's market. Yes, I'm crazeee! This time I'm going for a German Christmas Market vibe. It's the place to do your alternative Christmas shopping, buying craft and food gifts so individual you can be guaranteed that the recipient has never had anything else like it.
Of course you can also scoff your hearts out and watch live cooking demonstrations in the kitchen while listening to live music from Tinderflint, and christmassy songs from Brooke Procida and others. Buy tickets here: 
Imagine Glastonbury music festival but with much less music but much better food, in a flat in North West London... imagine a school fete mixed with a cutting edge underground food fair...imagine The Apprentice mashed up with Come Dine with Me. Deep breath. Excited? I thought so...
This time I'm giving goodie bags! Yay! Which are frankly worth at least as much as the entry price...(ps: any companies wanting to add to the goodie bag get in touch).

Another very exciting element is we are going to have a 'Dragon's Den' for food businesses! Myself (chief taster), the bespoke food company The Deli Station and the Marketing people from Harvey Nichols are going to form a panel and listen to your pitches. This will happen at so any budding food entrepeneurs, make sure to come along with your product!
Porridge lady who will demo christmas porridge

Rachel McCormack who will demo Catalan cooking
Hiromi Stone: Japanese cooking demo
Squisito deli with sausage making demo

Kitchen Jezebel: home-made make up demo

Virtous bread doing demonstrations and selling drop scones


Scarlett the Heavenly Healer with her vintage label seed packets containing free seed!
Rayburn smoked tomatoes from Squisito
Squisito deli with their home made deli products and a sausage making demo
Rambling Restaurant with cinema snacks and sweets
Juiceology manning the ironing board cocktail bar with their new range of soft drinks
 Bristol vintage with their vintage kitchenware and crockery
Hiromi Stone with her bags of nuts and japanese cooking demo
Ayan Hassan of Spice Caravan with food from the horn of Africa
Akua Deaba's supper club with African food
Marisa and Golnar of Hubbub deliveries: deliveries from artisan food stores
The Deli station with their cheeses and other deli goods
Tan Rosie with caribbean sweets and fudges and hampers
Kitchen Jezebel with gluten free goodies, hand made make up
John the poacher with mushrooms/crayfish and other foraged goodies
Adam Pinder with home-smoked foods :bacon, confit duck legs, duck rillets, pork rillons, smoked salmon

 Papermash with gorgeous cards, tapes (I bought some lace effect sellotape from her) and wrapping paper
Two Chicks with egg whites in a box
Bake me happy with baked goods
Hand2mouthb with exotic liqueurs and home made baileys
Georgie of Sustain distributing the Jellied eel mag
Ten Green bottles doing wine tastings
Providence Organics with fair trade coffee
Foodcycle with their stews ect combating food surplus
Avarae 17 with her beautiful bird jewellery
Cherry Pippin with jams, mince pies ect
Terence McSweeney with hand carved wooden bowls and spoons
Alice Turner 'Afternoon Outings' with her gorgeous christmas cards (handmade)
I've also got Madame de'la cartomancer coming along to read tarot cards.
Food For Think's Indulgent Christmas selling biscuits and chutneys.
Marcia Vidal silver jewellery
Treflach farm:eggs, pork and beef plus you can order turkeys for Christmas

Me Old China is selling her candles in vintage teacups amongst other wares...
I will be selling mulled wine, chipotle sauce and home-made wine vinegar.

So please buy your tickets here: £5 entry plus 50p booking fee. If you have extra friends that want to come along on the day, they can pay on the door.


  1. Hello, I would really love to do a stall again...I am the Shetland Lace and Crochet Flower Brooch maker. Do you have room for me?
    (My real name is Jane Ennis, I hope you remember me).

  2. Ooooh - it all looks GORGEOUS!
    And I can't wait!

  3. What a great blog you have, I love it! I found it while I was jumping from one blogroll to the next. I wish I could be there for your Christmas market.

  4. You know, Ms ML, you really are a brilliant photographer; beautifully presented. I only wish it was easier possible to get there! I particularly liked the fish-eye photo of porridge lady. Great way to concentrate on the porridge and the smile!

  5. Mr Chumbles:
    my brother who is also a photographer took that pic. He has a special lens. Great isn't it?

  6. This is fantastic, it all looks great...I LOVE IT!

  7. Wow, it looks amazing! Thanks to Marisa from Hubbub for letting me know about it. Have added it to our December events guide on x


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