Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas Eve

 We made this decorative cutlery wrap by glueing together red heart shaped doilies from Lakeland.

Crochet Christmas star by Candyflosscreated

Champagne with hibiscus flower and edible gold stars
Marmite palmiers
Grilled artichokes, boquerones, sun blushed tomatoes
Goldstein's smoked salmon with dill and lemon
Baba Ganoush with cinnamon crackers
Warm poireaux and endives with Mrs Monk's vinaigrette

Hot and sour soup from David Thompson's Thai Street Food

Chanterelles in cream with gone wrong blue cheese brioches  (ie: failed to rise properly. Afternoon drinking didn't help.)

Gratin dauphinois

Roast potatoes in rosemary and olive oil; sweet potatoes, jerusalem artichokes, parsnips roasted in lavender honey and olive oil.
Roast celeriac in salt crust (bit salty, don't try at home)

Cheese board with home made quince cheese with pink peppercorns. A guest bought Ice Wine.

Buche de noel from Delia's recipe

Secret Santa and roaring fire


  1. 'Twas awesome! Thank you for taking care of waifs and strays...:-)

  2. it all looks to die for! happy post-Christmas!

  3. Was such an enjoyable dinner and a lovely company! Sienna's music selection was superb. And I actually did like the roasted celeriac, wasn't too salty at all for my taste.

  4. Thanks to all for your kind comments.
    Ofer: Sienna is a brilliant DJ, she always does superb playlists.


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