Monday, 13 December 2010

My kitchen in Food & Wine magazine

My kitchen has mostly been built from junk. I've mixed pieces from Ikea with ceramics and jars from French markets, a very expensive Aga and shelves built by various carpenters using wood reclaimed from skips, old beds, palets. I don't do slick, modern, stainless steel, plastic or minimalism. I like the properties of wood: sterilising, naturally antiseptic, warm and flexible. I don't mind if it warps (as my counters have); that adds character. I've tried to maintain a restricted palette of blue and cream, reminiscent of the seaside, with the odd bit of red and white gingham. Even my modern appliances tend to be retro in style, Kitchen Aid's food processor and Artisan mixer, with their curved lines and 1950's feel. Laundry is dried on a Victorian style hanger on a pulley. I love pulley's, I want to use every inch of the space including the high ceilings. A large clock is essential as I'm always checking the timings of my dishes (essential when running a supper club). An Aga is silent therefore I have several timers on the shelves around the stove plus an old fashioned wind up alarm clock.
Notes are written on a chalk board (bought in France) hanging next to the Aga.
I'm still looking for the perfect fridge freezer which will work well and match my kitchen. My light fixtures have been found in bins and on the street, my teatowels are vintage from French markets. Most of my ladles and spoons are vintage: pewter, rubbed off silver and enamel. I adore copper, again a healthy material, symbolised in astrology by the planet Venus.
I really enjoyed building, designing and collecting for my kitchen and am available for commissions to design others.

Here is the link to see the rest of the article with other blogger's kitchens...

Coming up: Christmas eve at The Underground Restaurant. A European style christmas, secret santa, bring a present for another guest, roaring fire and good food. Book here.


  1. I do love your kitchen. Did this make the print edition? I have the December issue around here somewhere but haven't gotten around to reading it!

  2. I love your kitchen. I am in the process of revamping my own kitchen with reclaimed (free!) units and bits of old stuff. I much prefer kitchens like yours that have "evolved". I'm starting in earnest on mine after the festivities. I love your blog- you are so original. xxx

  3. Amazing! Wicked! And also a book?! Who is publishing you? I'm keen to know... (being an ex publishing employee!) Also - met a lady on my travels who knows you pretty well too from the blogging community - which was nice -small world and cool to meet a fellow fan! ;) xxx

  4. Just had a look at your book to answer my own question - thrilled to see my old company secured you! :) xxx

  5. CC: Did you work for Harper Collins?
    Who was the lady you met on your travels?
    Diane: thank you!
    Krista: new blog name decided I see!

  6. Congrats! Love it. I am the "Suburban Chic" Kitchen. We spent a lot of $$ (for us) on our remodel, which is a mix of mid end and lower high end. And upper low end! Lol. I crack up about my mirror being on there as kind of a "steal" was an unauthorized purchase and my husband thought I was a transgressive loon for spending $300 on a mirror!

    Great name for a blog. Love that you are doing the underground restaurant thing. Will def. be stopping by often.

  7. Hello and welcome Sabjimata

    Unauthorised purchase? haha, only good thing about being a single parent I guess, no one to hide the shopping bags from...

    The most expensive thing in my kitchen was the Aga, everything else was pretty cheap, reclaimed or recycled.
    I do love kitchens though...

  8. I saw your kitchen in the article (that is how i found you) and I think it is lovely! Congrats on being featured,



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