Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The age of Aquarius and wikileaks

The age of Aquarius has had a good press, especially in the 1960s. The musical Hair where the song originated, seemed to herald a millennium of free love, no rules, communes and equality.
Aquarius, an air sign, in medical astrology, centres upon 'circulation' and people with strongly Aquarian charts may suffer from poor circulation; but this term also applies to communication. The internet combines almost every Aquarian attribute; citizen journalism, global conversations, technology, equality and transparency. Twitter grew exponentially in 2009 when there was an eclipse in Aquarius and several planets were transiting the sign.
But Aquarius has always had a dark side; equality can mean sameness, suppression of individuality; global means ignoring the local and allowing certain corporations rather too much power; while transparency is anathema to government and our own private data can easily be lost, stolen and distributed.
The wikileaks crisis was always going to happen. And now we are seeing the reaction of big business; Paypal, Amazon, Visa, Mastercard have frozen the wikileaks accounts. I want to express my disapproval of their actions by withdrawing my business, but in the case of credit cards, who do I go to that isn't a multi-national corporation beholden to the US government?
Options, of which the internet seems to provide plenty, are now revealed as an illusion.
A new kind of war seems to be developing: a detached, techno battle with hacktivists against the big guys, duelling each other with Denial of Service attacks. Interesting times.
I've taken a quick look at Julian Assange's chart: Sun in Cancer, moon in Scorpio. It wouldn't surprise me if he has some issues around women, most Cancerian men do, relating more to their mothers and the feminine than is usually regarded as butch. Transiting Pluto is opposing his Sun: he's up against it. Pluto is power, crushing ruthless power. Moon in Scorpio is intense, sexual, secretive and controlling. He has Mars conjunct the North node in Aquarius. Mars in Aquarius and Venus in Gemini can be a cool customer, his energies tend towards technology and revolt rather than romance. He's married to his laptop. The North node suggests a fated aspect, this is his destiny.

Another, more detailed astrological analysis of wikileaks/Julian Assange:


  1. I have been awaiting your analysis of the first salvo of the great cyber war of 2010 for three days now ,well done and timely .
    are you and daughter well ?
    and did you protest the tuition increase ?
    more importantly are you and your samba friends OK ? after all that overstepping of bounds on the part of the gendarmes...
    I could not but help read between the lines.
    clearly the news is over slanted to the establishment cronies and there running dog paid bullies ....
    I await your next post with a mix of trepidation and
    Christmas morning thrill....
    be well .
    ps thought I heard your drums in the coverage.

  2. hello Jim,
    sorry for the delay in the reply, so busy coming up to christmas.
    Yes that was my drums you heard, I saw myself playing on a newsclip of the fees protest.
    The great cyber war indeed!

  3. It seems that there are positive aspects and dark sides of all these forces, like you say about the Age of Aquarius. I try to find the balance in all things. The coexistance of Universality and Indivduality, local and global.

    As for Wikileaks: I'm sorry about what's happened to Julian Assange, but news of his plight seems to be burying another very similar case, that of the film maker "Muad Dib", producer of "the 7/7 Ripple Effect" who is also in jail. I don't know Muad Dib's date, time and place of birth, but I wonder what his chart says; good news I hope.


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