Sunday, 13 February 2011

Update on How to be a successful food blogger conference

Frequently I get emails asking advice on food blogging; Eat Like a Girl's Niamh, possibly the best known food blogger in the UK, wrote a recent post giving a few pointers. Following on from the success of the Dragon's Den at The Underground Christmas Market, in 2011 The Underground Restaurant will be hosting some conferences, the first one is this coming Saturday, on February 19th 'How to be a successful food blogger'. 
We've all been to conferences, normally held in some dreary business location with a few curled up ham sandwiches: this intimate conference will be held in my house, with delicious home cooked food on my Aga...foodies wouldn't expect anything less!


10 am: Arrival
Douwe Egberts coffee and home made pastries

Food blogging: Daniel Young of Young and Foodish(change of speaker, Niamh unfortunately can't make it).  Daniel Young is an experienced food writer and blogger, events specialist and a published author of books Coffee LoveThe Bistros, Brasseries, and Wines Bars of ParisThe Paris Café Cookbook and Made in MarseilleDaniel will be talking, using his vast experience both online and offline of the food worlds in the USA, France and the UK, about 'focus', building an audience, SEO, length of posts and  comments, amongst other subjects.

 How to write a recipe: Laura James is a columnist, cookbook writer and the online presence for Aga. She will explain how to write a recipe, cookbook writing techniques and ways to approach publishers.

1pm: 3 course lunch by MsMarmiteLover who will happily chat about blogging, answer any questions too

Photography workshop: bring your cameras and laptops. A professional food photographer Paul Winch Furness, who has been a photographer in residence for the Jerwood Visual Arts Programme, shoots both on location and in the studio, recently completing commissions for restaurants like Nobu and Bob Bob Ricard, will host a workshop photographing food, using props from The Underground Restaurant and give tips on how to improve, both technically and creatively, your food photos.

Writing: Tim Hayward, editor in chief of Fire and Knives food quarterly, Radio 4 Food programme contributor and Guardian food writer will talk about food writing, relations with PRs, the future of food writing (online and print).

Ends at 6pm.

This conference will benefit aspiring food bloggers, writers and photographers as well as food businesses, PRs and event organisers.
Places are limited and the all inclusive tickets (including goodie bag, all food, drink and workshops) are £100 plus booking fee.  Book here (

Article in LeCool

And... in May another've got the book on April 14th, now get the workshop: "How to start and run a Supper club' with myself talking, James Ramsden of The Secret Larder supper club and Lynn Hill of My Secret Tea. Tickets here.


  1. gutted i'm not around for this one... would have been lovely... any idea if it's going to be filmed... i'd pay for a DVD of the speakers... and have to settle for photo's of your food... sigh.... x


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