Friday, 25 March 2011

Video: early days of The Underground Restaurant

This little film was made by a student in the early days of The Underground Restaurant. I wouldn't let anyone film at that point, I was still very worried about being shut down, being arrested or similar, but Eva Krysiak the film student assured me it wouldn't be shown to anyone but her teachers.
I look thinner; running a restaurant, even part-time, has not been kind to my figure over the last couple of years. I was nervous, excited, passionate about this project!
My friend, the blogger Bellaphon, is featured in the interviews, he was a great supporter in the early days, someone I could go to restaurants with, obsess over food with, call up when I was feeling disheartened. It's really nice to have a foodie friend!
There are many supperclubs now, it's almost commonplace in London. Many start up, few last. Some only last the amount of time it takes to get an article in the papers! Others, intensely interested in food and the convivial sharing of it, the intrinsic subversiveness of turning private space into a public forum, continue and thrive.
My 'journey', my tips, twelve steps to starting your own supper club, 120 recipes with guest meat recipes from other supper clubs (Nuno Mendez, Ben Greeno, Rambling Restaurant, Sheen Suppers, Horton Jupiter, Lex Eats, The Shed, Mama Lan, Plum Kitchen and Casa Salt Shaker) and a world wide directory of supper clubs are described in my book out next week. I hope you will enjoy it!


  1. An evil repelling apron - love it!

  2. Interesting film - enjoyed it very much! xxx

  3. with a buzz like yours - who needs a figure, gorgeous?

  4. Are you exempt from the usual regulations of regular restaurants?
    Love the idea, will get the book.x

  5. I have had my kitchen inspected and it passed> In fact I got a gold star from Camden council.I'm not a full time restaurant so I don't need to get a restaurant licence.


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