Friday, 15 April 2011

Chez Bruce

Best parmesan biscuits ever.
My pick of this meal: asparagus with crab butter. Ambrosia.
 Watermelon, goat's cheese and watercress salad. Ok.
 Roast cod with roast vegetables, spinach and mash. Lovely roast veg. 
 Skate with clams and asparagus and saffron. I would have preferred the skate roasted. But good flavours.
 Sour sweet passion fruit icecream. A highlight. Butter pecan icecream, meh!
 Cinnamon doughnut, apple sauce, vanilla icecream, dribble of toffee sauce: fantastic. Are doughnuts the new black? 
Chocolate fondant with almonds. Nice but bit ordinaire compared to the other puds.
Afterwards...the best shortbread biscuits evah! And free refill of expresso without asking.

Chef Bruce Poole has a book out soon.
Bloody Wandsworth. All very nice with it's sweet air next to the common but a nightmare to get to for the tube-dependent North Londoner.

Chez Bruce
2 Bellevue Road
London SW17 7EG
020 8672 0114

Bill for two £95 including two glasses of wine, coffee and three puddings.

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  1. Gorgeous piccies! Am still giggling about the tonka beans ;-) Let's do it again and soon please X


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