Saturday, 30 April 2011

On the road: Leeds, Kennilworth and Dorset

  • Next weekend, immediately after The Underground Night Market on May 6th which I hope you will all be attending, I am travelling up to Leeds to visit my good friend Lynn Hill who runs My Secret Tea Room and The Clandestine Cake Club. I will also give a short talk and book signing at the Magic Plate Spinners Brunch in Leeds, on May 8th, more details here. 
  • Also in May, I am giving a cooking demonstration and signing books at the Kennilworth Food Festival near Warwick on May 14th. More details here.
  • At the end of July The Underground Restaurant is going on the road to Camp Bestival in Dorset, where we will be doing three sittings a day every day of the festival. Book your seats here: adults £37 children £20

Don't forget the Foraging meal that I am doing with Nick Weston, who lived in a tree house for a year and wrote about it here on May 13th, where Isabelle Legeron 'that Crazy French Woman' will accompany the foraged menu with a Natural wine tasting, a wholly different experience from your usual fine wine tasting. Tickets for that are £40 including the wine tasting and are available here. I'm hoping we will have this meal in the garden and do some of the cooking on the bonfire.
My next post will talk more about the stalls and events at The Underground Night Market which happens in just a week's time...get your tickets now

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  1. wow you're a busy bee! Looking forward to coming to your place for the very first time this friday for the night market - mother in tow! She's been reading up all about you and is mucho excited xx


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