Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Craft day on June 4th

In my efforts to push the boundaries and uses of private space into whole new areas, readers may have noticed that recently I am varying the home restaurant concept and doing classes, workshops and conferences (The Underground University) but which still contain abundant food, cooked from scratch by myself!
So far I've hosted two conferences: how to be a successful food blogger and how to start your own supper club plus a Secret Garden Club  with gardening lessons and tea. These were hugely enjoyable for all participants, great networking and we all learnt something too.
I've always been interested in craft, spending time making mosaics for instance, or learning to repair antique picture frames so it made sense for me to launch a craft day at The Underground Restaurant featuring brunch and tea! (I love in-between meals don't you?)
Through The Underground Farmer's and Craft Market I have met Me Old China, (her twitter @meoldchinatweet) a very talented craftician who makes scented candles in vintage china tea cups. The candle glows beautifully through the china, is long lasting and I personally would love to learn how to make them. Vintage tea cups and all the materials will be provided, but you can also bring your own containers. (I'm thinking...Marmite candles? in Marmite jars?). We may also make some bunting out of vintage tea towels...

 I love granny squares!

We will also have the pleasure of the happy hooker, Cherie Matrix Holt of Trashy Crochet who will teach us how to crochet bunting, some granny squares and guerilla yarn bombing. This is a woman who made a life sized crochet model of her own intestines! Not to be missed.
The astrologer, author and life coach Annie Lionnet will also be on hand through the day, to give astrology readings, give counsel and sort out our life path. She's also a craft geek.
All food, drink, workshops and materials will be provided. Book here. I've lowered the price to £85 per person which is a bit of a bargain considering everything you get, for a whole day workshop. It's a new project, hopefully one to be repeated, and hope to see some readers here on the 4th of June.



  1. This was a great post! Good for you to expand your horizons I wish you all the luck on your adventures.

  2. I'd be thrilled to be involved with one of your craft days I teach lots of crafts and adore working with vintage materials.


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