Friday, 20 May 2011

How to run a successful supper club conference tomorrow

After the book, the hands on workshop. Get it from the horses mouth and get fed and watered into the bargain.
Pic: Paul Winch Furness

Myself of course...I will concentrate on the social media aspect of promoting your supper club.

Lynn Hill of The Secret Tea Room will give you the lowdown on setting up an underground tea room. She will also talk about the Clandestine Cake Club. Lynn also helps administrate my site Find a supper club, become a fan, a worldwide directory for supper clubs. 

Linda Williams of Bright Blue Skies, also known on Twitter as food blogger @goodshoeday helps small businesses to set up, manage their taxes, circumnavigate the law with regard to employment and insurance. She helped me fill out my tax returns. She rocks.

James Ramsden is a newcomer to the supper club scene but his Secret Larder supper club has been remarkably successful. He's also a writer for The Guardian, The Times and Sainsbury's magazine and has a cookery book 'Small Adventures in Cooking' out in June. He will be talking about his experiences, how to set up a supper club.

Andre Dang is a PR for the food and restaurant industry. He has a depth of experience working for and promoting a wide range of clients including Ruinart champagne, Kings Fine Foods, Lov Organic Tea. 

This conference is suitable also for anybody wanting to set up a small food business as well as potential supper club hosts.
'Delegates' will be given a 'business breakfast' on arrival at 10 am.
Lunch will be served at 1pm.
All food, drinks and talks are included and there will be a goodie bag to take home at around 6pm.
The last conference on How to write a successful food blog was incredibly inspiring. I'm sure this one will be equally exciting and informative.
Still some tickets left...if you are serious about starting a supper club, do come along as I don't know when and if there will be another conference at the Underground University on this subject. Book here.  (Price £100). 

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  1. that has to be the loveliest pic of you I've seen so far - simply gorgeous! I wish I could get down for the conference - it sounds like you've got everything covered. Maybe you could do one down in Dorset one day...... Hope it all goes well. x


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