Monday, 16 May 2011

On The Vanessa Show

The show was about allergies and intolerance to food. Here is a link to Thursday's show.
I got to sit next to Josie of Big Brother in the make up room. I chatted to Patrick Holford of Optimum Nutrition in the 'green room'. And I saw Vanessa Feltz, who is prettier in the flesh!
Just to clarify: I have NO PROBLEM at all, in fact great sympathy with people, such as Coeliacs, who have genuine allergies. But when you do a fixed menu, as I do, it does become difficult when every single guest claims to have a different allergy or intolerance.

 Patrick Holford, skinny lady who 'bloats', and me.

 Despite my look here, I am very sympathetic to those with genuine allergies...

The lovely Josie of Big Brother (the petulant John James was never right for you).

I, myself, don't eat or cook meat, which probably causes problems for other supper clubs, however, at least I am consistent. My 'beef' is with those who, for instance, claim to be gluten-free, I spend half a day making them a special loaf and they cannot be bothered to eat it or those who, as I said on the programme, claim to be lactose intolerant but then wolf down the dairy. Or those who 'suddenly' claim, mid-meal, to be vegetarian, have a taste of their neighbours spaghetti vongole in a bag, like it, then I find the tell-tale shells on their plate. It plays havoc with your menu planning and your budget!


  1. I read recently that the lactose in milk is used up in the fermentation process of cheese, so most lactose intolerant people who cannot drink milk can eat cheese. Just for info like.

  2. Hi Oliver,
    Yes that's basically what I said on the show!

  3. Oliver, that would probably explain why I have no problem with cheese but milk makes me feel a bit sick.

    But then I would never claim to be lactose intolerant, I just know milk makes me feel a bit sick so I have soy, have my tea/coffee black, or put up with it.

    Then again I have known people who are lactose intolerant who have a terrible habit of giving in (normally when drunk) and eating cheese anyway only to find themselves all covered in eczema flairs and puffiness etc the next day. So there must be something else there that's a problem for the real allergy sufferers perhaps?

  4. I agree entirely. I can't eat raw onion, so I understand what it is like to have a food allergy, but it is ridiculous.

    I used to be an event manager and people would send me lists of what they can't eat. I would coordinate special meals only to discover they decided they like the look of the other meal so just had that instead.


  5. Oh, I am so on your side with this one! Once went to a birthday party at Fire & Stone; sat next to a girl who claimed she was gluten and lactose intolerant so could the waiter please bring her salad leaves, dressing on the side, etc. Unsurprisingly her plate looked v. depressing on arrival. She then had the audacity to ask for a bite of my pizza!
    What about your various intolerances?
    Oh, they only play up if I eat a lot of something.

    It annoys the heck out of me, and I'm not even cooking for these people..


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