Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Book signing at the book barge: more photos

Tomorrow, Thursday 21st of July, I will be signing my book from 5 till 7pm at the book barge which will be moored at Kings Place, Kings Cross. The boat will be moored next to the Rotunda bar from 5pm. They call it 'boatique book buying' and were recently featured in the Guardian.

21st - Supper Club Cook Book Signing with Kerstin Rodgers / entry free / 5.00 - 7.00pm / Rotunda Bar, Kings Place, York Way, London

Kerstin Rodgers, anarcho-restaurateur, signs copies of Supper Club: Recipes & Notes from The Underground Restaurant.

How cool is that? A book shop on a boat? As I love boats and books, it's all kinds of fun wrapped into one event.
The famous astrologer Shelley Von Strunckel, who lives nearby, came and bought my book!

I hope to meet some of you tomorrow!


  1. I absolutely love this concept, and wish I was in the UK so that I could come to the event.

    I also must say that my mind is racing with the possibilities of retail shopping on a traveling barge... You have inspired me!

  2. ooh what a fantastic place kerstin brilliant have a blast RAchellex

  3. ah desperate to go to the barge- it's such a great idea- I can't come later but hope it's great and you sign lots of books (your book is lovely, as is your house and as was your lovely festival)


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