Friday, 15 July 2011

Maille mustard pop up on Bastille Day

 Eat your heart out Renoir. (Vintage yellow aprons from Brick Lane)
 The Maille pop up shop

As it was Bastille Day, accordionist Tom Baker played, as he did last year.
Fat Lizzie, playing the second night. 

"You're getting quite good now aren't you?" said my mum, who took up the last minute free place at the Maille mustard pop up in Spitalfields last night.
"Am I?"I replied dryly.
"Yes I quite liked that food." emphasised mum, drawing breath, nodding vigorously, as if this had surprised her. "I mean the difference now, since the beginning..."she said loudly to the Maille mustard boss who'd employed me.
"Didn't you like the other times?" I asked tightly. She's been to The Underground Restaurant several times.
"Yes. But." The penny was dropping.
"I mean the other times were daytime. I don't like eating during the day." She tried to dig herself out, continuing: "I prefer evenings. Food tastes better..."she shared airily with the rest of the Maille mustard team.
"Well, I must be going." She picked up her peach handbag. Almost everything she possesses is peach or coral with the odd foray into lime green. She had her colours done once and that's what they advised.
"That was lovely. Now, don't forget to wear those support stockings I gave you" she advised, giving me a little wave on the way out. "Although it would really help if you weren't so fat dear".
"Bye mum" I muttered through a rigid smile.
This was my menu:
Mustardy Mary (a Bloody Mary cocktail with whole grain mustard)
Gravad lax with dill on honey mustard cream cheese in red endive boats. 
Steamed artichokes with mustard mayonnaise
Smoked haddock with whole grain mustard and grilled cheese.
Asian mustard greens with wild mustard flowers from my garden
Cheese board from Mons
Moustardier (a mustard seed covered cheese from Dijon)
Langres (a washed rind cheese, one of my favourites)
Charollais (a goat cheese from Burgundy)
Comté (a hard mountain cheese from Jura)
Palmiers biscuits made with the Maille collection of 'boutique' mustards:
Cassis mustard with green peppercorns
Fig and coriander
St. John's sourdough.
Strawberry mustard chutney
Mostarda di frutta tutti frutti icecream with berries and mint sugar

Bourgogne aligoté
Bourgogne rouge by Anne Gross, one of the best and a rare female grower in wine.

Mustardy Mary
Gravad lax with a honey mustard dill sauce, a classic combination. Maille's honey mustard is amazing, you can use it as a dip.
I'm not showing you the artichokes. I'm showing you my hands after dechoking 15 of them. Agony! Then I thought sod it, I'm not dechoking the rest. The artichoke stained my finger nails and the thorny spikes cut them all over. These are a cook's hands.

Smoked haddock with tomato, whole grain mustard and mature cheddar
Asian mustard greens, also known as bok choi
I sprinkled some mustard cress on top of the fish and some wild mustard flowers

Mustard flowers from my garden

Burgundy nail varnish
The glorious cheeseboard. The strawberry mustard chutney went well with the cheese.
A moustardier cheese.
Making the fig and coriander mustard palmiers.

The second night I added stilton
The cassis mustard palmier.

Goat's cheese and pistachios...
Using mostarda di frutta, candied fruit in mustard oil, an Italian condiment, in lemon creme fraiche icecream.
A Chaplinesque figure asked for some bread and mustard


  1. It all looks so yummy - The ONLY mustard I like is the Maille wholegrain one - it's divine. Can't be doing with any other type of mustard!!
    What's the next event you've got planned?x

  2. Looks like a wonderful popup. I would happily eat everything off the menu! I'm Sad I couldn't make it.

  3. Your mom and my dad should get together!! Congrats on the event! Sounds super fun and can only wish that I was still in London so I could have attended.

  4. What a triumph and a wonderful looking menu. I'm quite a fan of Maille now, after tasting plenty of their Mustards. Hope your poor hands recover from peeling those Artichokes.

  5. Thanks everyone!
    Krista: you recognise this? I discussed it with my sister and she said most parents gush over their kids but my parents want to look cool so go the other way. Backhanded compliments a gogo...

  6. Absolutely loved this post.. the food as always looks fantastic and the Maille shop visually beautiful.
    But the best bit is the conversation with your Mother ! So reassuring that I am not the only one with 'one of those Mothers '

    Brilliant ..!

  7. Hey! So much to catch up on and no time right now. Will be back sometime towards the end of the summer to read through everything - will be a book load again by then I'd imagine!!! xxx

  8. Your Palmiers look amazing - great for cheeseboards.

  9. thanks! And palmiers are so easy too!

  10. "Although it would really help if you weren't so fat dear".


    I cringed reading that.


    The whole post was lovely, LOVE your menu, the photos too. But that support stocking comment plus the fat comment make me want to slap your mum. So sorry that she made those comments to you, in front of clients, no less. Alas, sometimes those who are supposed to love and support us the most fall so very short.


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