Friday, 12 August 2011

The Clandestine Cake club on Woman's Hour yesterday

For those who missed it, myself and Lynn Hill were recorded by an undercover agent from Radio 4 who snuck in while we held a secret cake club in a mystery 'Underground' location in Kilburn.
I've managed to track down a tape recording....but the first rule about cake club, is don't talk about cake club. The next date is on September 18th.

women's hour/Clandestine Cake Club by msmarmite


  1. It was an excellent interview, thank you so much. It really cheered up my day and I am so cross with myself for being on holiday for the next London one, otherwise I would be there with bells on. x

  2. Fantastic, thanks for that. I was feeling rather peeved I'd missed this episode.

  3. Forgot to mention the wonder that is your cake - just love it.

  4. That cake is something else as is the cake club by the sounds of it. But then I'd expect nothing less from you!

    Hope you are keeping well.

    Helena xx

  5. Brilliant, i suggested a similar rule about Cake club when Lynn visited the Edinburgh Cake Ladies meeting earlier in the year.
    Loving your work :)


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