Sunday, 28 August 2011

Flower pot dessert

I was the kind of mum that spent weeks planning my daughter's birthday parties. For her fifth birthday I decided upon a Hawaiian theme (despite my single parent income). I hired a swimming pool, crafted pineapple decorations out of paper, made tiny rice paper 'grass skirts' to dress the sausages, sewed together sweets, marshmallows and flowers to make individual 'lei' for each child, constructed mini non-alcoholic cocktails complete with fruit and umbrella. I would always serve alcohol to the parents, I felt that they deserved it. It seems that the dark art of 'event planning' was in my blood.
Almost half the audience at Camp Bestival were under 10. It's very much a family festival. One of the nicest things said to me was by a mum who came alone with her two kids on the first night. I saw her the next morning and she was so pleased "we sat next to another family, and now we have friends for the festival. The kids get along great and I have a mum to hang out with". Job done!
I devised a flower pot dessert for the kids, adapted from the Pioneer Woman's recipe, which would also be perfect for children's parties. It's easy to make and most of the ingredients are available at Poundland!
Here's how to make it:
Take a 3 inch plastic flower pot (Homebase). You can use terracotta but plastic is safer if you have little kids. Then put a plain sponge cupcake (no topping, also available at Poundland) in the bottom. In the pictures above however, I used a small homemade meringue, the size of the bottom of the pot.
Next put in a scoop of chocolate 'muddy' icecream. I used Heston's Rosemary and Chocolate icecream but ordinary chocolate is fine.
The magic bit: grind Oreo cookies in a food processor and they look remarkably like soil. (You can also buy them from Poundland). This looks so like actual dirt that the kids were at first reluctant to eat it. 
Buy some worms from The Natural Sweet Company (yes at Poundland)

Top with lollipops, rammed into the meringue or sponge cake at the bottom. The lollipop on the left is a creepy crawly one, there are flower shaped ones or you can also use cheap lollipops (from Poundland!)
All in all this dessert will cost you about a pound per kid! And they will love it...
The Underground Restaurant will also be 'playing' at Bestival: tickets available


  1. That is such a brilliant idea! You're very clever.

  2. How fabulous, a party to be remembered. GG


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