Sunday, 14 August 2011

Outstanding in the Field

Outstanding in the Field, the stunning American travelling restaurant, created by chef and land artist Jim Denevan, is coming to Europe! Here are the dates:

September 5, 2011Shanagarry, Cork, IEBallymaloe Cookery SchoolOn Sale
September 8, 2011Monmouthshire, GBTrealy FarmOn Sale
September 11, 2011Island of Lilleo, DKHans Lund's FarmOn Sale
September 13, 2011De Bilt, NLVollenhovenOn Sale
September 17, 2011Rioja, ESRemelluri Estate VineyardOn Sale
September 20, 2011Radda in Chianti, ITLa PetraiaOn Sale

I'm attending the event at Ballymaloe where the great Darina Allen will be hosting. Outstanding in the Field hold large dinners on farms, beach, barns and unusual places. They promote farm to table dining, using local chefs and ingredients. Bring your own plate!


  1. That is Amazing - I'd never heard of Outstanding in the Field until your post! This is why I love your Blog.

  2. Absolutly fantastic!
    it's a pitty they don't plane an event in portugal...
    we have so many wonderful beaches...

  3. Amazing - some people have dreams, others just make them happen. Ooh Monmouthshire - could go to that one - so close. Not doing anything on the 8th......

  4. Yes you are James, you are working at Bestival.


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