Thursday, 18 August 2011

The Underground Restaurant at Bestival on sale now !

Once dinosaurs roamed the Isle of Wight, the largest island off our island. Now every year travellers in outrageous outfits throng the island on the second week of September, making their way to the Telly Tubby landscape of Bestival. 
The season is no longer confined to Wimbledon, Henley Regatta and the Chelsea Flower Show; now the British summer has a festival every weekend. Come summer solstice, people everywhere ram full a backpack pot pourri of glittery clothes, fairy wings, rain ponchos, pop up tents, shorts, thermals and Hunter wellies and set about three months of sporadic camping, listening to music, while crossing fingers about the weather forecast. It's uniquely British that in such a difficult climate that we are absolutely determined to celebrate the combination of music, culture and the outdoors. 

One of the best festivals is Bestival which last year won the Best Major Festival award. Apart from one terrible September  (2008 'the year that shall not be named' in Bestival circles), the weather on the diamond shaped Isle of Wight (a microcosm of England)  is temperate and sunny. 
The Underground Restaurant supper club is going to be there hosting an intimate three course menu inspired by Isle of Wight producers such as, local farmer Ben Brown, fisherman Mike Curtis of Bembridge Fish and others.

Smuggler's Menu

A pot of gold: fresh corn chowder with chipotle en adobe served in pumpkins

Stargazy pie: Isle of Wight mackerel

Mushroom and goat's cheese pie (V)

Heritage tomato salad with oak smoked tomatoes

Shipwreck pavlova with creme de marrons and salted caramel.

Tickets can be bought here: £29.70p with booking fee.

Apart from this year's Bestival theme of Divas, rock stars and pop stars, we also encourage you to dress at pirates, smugglers, sailors for our pirate restaurant. C'mon, go for it! A festival is the one opportunity where literally anything goes!

Shhh! On Saturday night 11.59pm, there is a Midnight Feast: Pyjama party! Midnight Feast at The Underground Restaurant. Wear jim jams, nighties, bring teddies, hot water bottles, dressing gowns, comfy slippers, hair rollers, your pet blanket and have a secret feast under the cover of a supper club.
 Tickets here:

Don't miss out. Book early! You'll get to meet me and my dastardly crew! I'll be selling my book too....


  1. I went to Bestival every year since it started but since 2008 I just haven't been able to go back. That marked the end of the festival days for me. If I could still face it though, this would be definitely on the list to do while I was there; Bestival is always the best festival because of all the cool shit going on. I fondly remember disappearing into the back of a sofa to have a conversation with a ghost about hotdogs and emerging a couple of hours later in the middle of the dance tent. Bizarro.

  2. Sounds so much fun! And the menu sounds pretty delish too. It's a pity I am nowhere close (Colorado)

  3. I am lactose intolerant, is there a menu i would be able to join in on?

  4. Any chance of 2 more tickets for the midnight feast...we'd LOVE to experience this!! please xx


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