Sunday, 4 September 2011

Chan's Noodle Bar

"A number 89 please and some jasmine tea"
I've been ordering this for years at Chan's. It's not a fancy place even compared to the rest of the Asian restaurants in Hackney and Dalston. Long sharing Formica tables. Bright fluorescent lights. Takeaway customers in hoodies waiting for their order. Graffitti artists talking about their latest escapade up a ladder, spraying a graphic in an unfeasible location. Hood rats chowing down. The locals like it here.
But it hits the spot. For £3.70p you have a large plate of rice ho fun noodles, bean curd chunks, and monk's style vegetables slick with a light brown gravy. If you ask nicely, they give you some sweet chilli sauce to go with.
One of Hackney's bargains. 

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