Saturday, 3 December 2011

10 minute meal: Staffordshire oatcakes with cheese and piquillo peppers

You get in, you are starving, the kids are hungry, and you've had pasta three nights in a row. What to make? I came up with this ten minute dish the other night and it hit the spot.
I bought my Staffordshire oatcakes from Neal's Yard dairy as they had an offer but they are easy enough to make it seems. These are not the small crumbly hard cheese biscuits; but large discs of crumpety crepey oatey goodness.
I fried the oatcakes in a little butter then added mozzarella or cream cheese once both sides were hot. I then  added my current fave ingredient 'piquillo peppers' from Brindisa: yes at almost £5 a jar, they are a little expensive, but the tasty smokey but slightly piquant flavour is worth the cost. These soft devillish red horns can also be filled with cream cheese and anchovy paste as an easy canape. Failing the piquillos, use ordinary roasted red peppers.
I boosted the flavours with a spoonful of pesto and a scattering of pinenuts, but you can play with ingredients: blue cheese and green pickled peppercorn or capers, smoked salmon and cream cheese, fried egg with truffle salt. Anything you have left in your fridge or that you would cram into a Breton crepe would work here.


  1. I never realised you were supposed to fry the oatcakes . . . that explains something! Cheers!

  2. I think you can also steam them but hey frying worked for me!

  3. I just had dinner but this made me hungry!

  4. yuuuum! We used to eat oakcakes when I was a kid! xxx

  5. Used to have a flatmate from Staffordshire. She put hers under the grill and added grated cheese to melt. Roll up, delicious!


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