Thursday, 15 December 2011

My nut roast recipe for Channel 4

Food blogger and author Kerstin Rodgers AKA MsMarmitelover (opens in a new window)explains how she came to love the nut roast and a few other options for a vegetarian Christmas dinner

Hosts who have vegetarian guests often despair of what to serve them at Christmas day lunch, our mid-winter feast, a glowing jewel of a meal to cheer us through the cold season. Yet the classic Christmas lunch is already intrinsically veggie friendly, resplendent as it is with vegetables, laboured over lovingly for this one special meal: crispy roast potatoes and parsnipsBrussels sprouts simmered with chestnuts, honeyed carrots and minted buttery garden peas.

But if you want to serve a 'plat de resistance' for the non-meat eaters, what route can you take? To my mind there are three options:
1) Say tough luck
2) Go foreign
3) Make a nut roast 


  1. fabulous to see you on C4! As a lapsed vegetarian I used to dream about a decent nut roast - poor thing always had a bad rep. This is the perfect makeover! :)

  2. this looks good but I have the same thing with you about brown food. Saying that I made this layered mushroom and caramelised mushroom suet pudding for my vegetarian friends last year and it went down a treat. Its all about the drama of slicing it open that wow's everyone. This year I will make it the same but add a layer of stuffing too. x

  3. Look very nice but i hve sone thing brown food about u. and thanks share this. Channel nuts


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