Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year

My 2012 New Year's Eve Menu:

Matt Day brought along champagnes from Mumm for our second annual champagne matching meal (the first here and more explanations about Champagne here) and devised a menu along the following themes:

The Sea:
Mumm de Cramant:
Red endive salad with sweet mustard dressing
Scallops on salt blocks with vanilla salt
Seaweed salad
Beetroot marinated tofu to grill on salt blocks (v)
Mumm Cordon Rouge NV:
Giant wild mushroom/bit truffly timpano (from Big Night) with vodka tomato jelly in sandcastle moulds.

Mumm Rosé pink:
Roasted whole salmon with rose harissa, couscous with pomegranate seeds, pine nuts, pistachios, salted lemons, crystallised rose petals
Veg/mozzarella timbalo (v)

Mumm Vintage 2004:
Warm Langres cheese with sourdough Champagne Marmite fingers. Marmite is a fabulous match for Champagne

Mumm Demi-Sec:
Raspberry cloud cake sprinkled with popping candy
Rose/chocolate/raspberry/dulce de leche macarons.

A word about Cloud Cakes. I got the recipe from the marvellous cookbook by Annabel Langbeim. Hers is a Strawberry Cloud Cake, but I've found the recipe works for other fruits. I've tried avocados and raspberries.

Champagne matches very with food, we need to think about it more creatively. Technically champagne doesn't actually go very well with smoked salmon although it's frequently associated with it. My favourite pairings were with Marmite and cheese, salmon and rose. Go on, give it a go at home!

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  1. All looks delicious as usual - good photos! Hope you had a lovely New Year my dear! xxx


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