Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Secret Garden Club potato dinner

Chocolate Potato Cake with chocolate dipped potato crisp on top
(Sorry, had already drunk the cocktail by the time I photographed this.) But...this is Chase's Potato vodka. We did a taste test of good grain vodka and potato vodka; the latter was so much smoother.
Golden wonder, Orla, Salad Blue, Highland Burgundy, Mayan Gold, Pink Fir apple. Am I the only person that didn't know Golden Wonder crisps were named after the variety of potato?
Aligot and truffade on the Aga. 
You have to keep folding and stretching the aligot to get the right texture.  
You can't eat enough potatoes...
Sunday was dedicated to the humble spud. This new world vegetable has only been part of our diet for the last 400 years. I spent a few weeks living as a Tudor a decade ago, and it was extraordinary how much food that we regard as an ordinary part of our diet...tomatoes, potatoes, chocolate, tobacco were absent.
I made aligot, truffade, multi-coloured chips, a potato vodka cocktail and finally a chocolate potato cake topped with chocolate dipped crisps. The BBC came along to film, it will be broadcast next Saturday on the Breakfast news in a segment about Pop Up businesses. The crew couldn't stop eating the chocolate dipped crisps!
My next potato based dinner is on the 12th of May where I'll be using Jersey Royals book here: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/157480

Upcoming dates:

March 17th: Caribbean cookery with Guardian food writer Catherine Phipps who worked as a chef in the Caribbean. £40 http://www.wegottickets.com/event/152646
Secret Garden Club: March 18th : Take up smoking! due to the popularity of the last smoking event, here's another workshop and smoked tea. £60
Book here: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/137628


  1. Like the flourish of chocolate dipped crisp on the potato cake... definitely a fan of mixing salty with the sweet stuff. Glad the recipe worked out :-)

  2. No I didn't know Golden wonder was a spud variety either!

  3. No I didn't know Golden wonder was a spud variety either!


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