Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Primroses at Crews hill

 Zia and I visited Crews Hill this morning to buy plants and garner inspiration. The last couple of days I've had Jim the Irish carpenter doing a bit more work in the garden; he finished off the last raised bed framing them with recycled wooden sleepers. He can't properly finish the work however as a ton, yes literally a ton, of rubble has been tipped into the corner of my garden by one of the characters who lives next door in the council flats. This guy is a hoarder and deposits his 'finds' in the local area, like a magpie. The council are dragging their feet about removing the rubble. So we wait.
I'm a big blousy girl and I think Zia is a little more classy than I. I've recently ordered clematis, which are a bit of a fetish with me, and everytime I go for the big garish blooms with Stupa like layers, extraordinary and surreal, whereas Zia veers towards tinier daintier flowers.
I got a kick out of these vibrant primroses this morning. There is something very 50s and suburban, a little bit municipal even, about these flowers in their Mad Men colours. I'd quite like to do a whole garden like that, in really 'bad taste'.
I also invested in some corms, a word I've only just learnt but it means tubers or roots. Again Dahlias, totally effing love them! I've got a hat that looks like a dahlia so I'm growing some in the same shade of Schiaparelli pink. 
I saw some triffid like carnivorous plants.
I bought a kumquat for £25 which I have to keep inside until the end of May. Groan. I loathe indoor plants. But if I want kumquats for my saumon en papillote dish then I must put up with it.

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  1. Actually I love the idea of a bad taste garden, although I draw the line at painted heathers (see,2&sort=REL&cdonly=False&mronly=False for an example).


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