Sunday, 20 May 2012

Supper Club: Jersey Royals

Buttered Jersey Royal potatoes

After my visit to Jersey a few weeks ago I was excited to try out the produce for a supper club dinner at The Underground Restaurant: kidney-shaped firm nutty potatoes, sunshine yellow butter and cream, caramel crumbly fudge, dark gooey liquorice 'black butter' and cabbage loaves. Here is my menu:

Jersey Cider with spiced rum cocktail
Mini Jersey Royal baked potatoes with chilli roe

Spaghetti pesto alla genovese (recipe in next post)
Lemon sole en papillote with seaweed butter
Buttered Jersey Royal potatoes with mint
Cheeses from Jersey (Brie, Camembert, Blue) with Jersey Black Butter and cabbage loaves.
Jersey fudge icecream with Jersey butter shortbread

Tiny baked Jersey Royal potatoes, filled with creme fraiche and chilli flavoured roe.

To cook fish 'en papillote' (in parchment)

Cut out a large circle using a plate as a template

Brush the greaseproof paper with butter or oil

Lay out the fish on one half of the paper

Season: I used thin slices of lemon and butter mixed with a seaweed spice from @seaspicegirls

Then close by overlapping and folding the edge tightly

Bake in a hot oven for ten minutes or until fish reaches 70 degrees centigrade.

Again, please buy a digital thermometer. You can stab it through the paper.

This technique makes your fish look pretty, prevents you from overcooking it. It remains moist.Cabbage loaves: I used this slightly dodgy recipe in ounces from a BBC website.

Welcoming in the guests... using a secret password.

Smiley pretty waitresses

The difference in colour between Jersey cream and the norm. The cream went into making delicious Jersey fudge icecream.

Shortbread: these were a pain in the butt to cut out, but worth it eventually.
Jersey fudge ice cream with black fudge, chocolate sauce, shortbread spoon.
Cor, don't you just want to bury your face in that?


  1. Chilli roe. Where do you find all these ingredients....

    Cabbage bread? Never heard of that before. Will have to try! Maybe try adding crushed jersey royals & cheese.

  2. Chilli roe: I was sent some by
    They also have wasabi and ginger. Wasabi and chilli roe work well and have a good contrasting colour. Wasn't so keen on the ginger. Maybe it'd be good on raw fish?

    I had cabbage loaves in Jersey. It's quite cakey and dense in texture.

  3. All of this looks so yummy. We had some Jersey Royals last night too, they were wonderful with some English (not Jersey, sadly) butter and sea salt.

    Helena xx

  4. Theat shortbread spoon is nothing short of genius!

  5. I love Jersey Royals - a whole evening of them is my idea of carby heaven!

  6. Not sure about the cabbage bread but those jersey royals look perfect and I love that bowl. But then those dear little shortbread spoons and chocolate fudge ingenious!

  7. The cabbage leaves certainly kept the bread moist!


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