Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Around the world in 20 supper clubs: Global Feast Day 1

The table finally emerged as something you could eat on approximately 30 minutes before the press arrived.
Map paper roses arrived painstakingly crafted by Dionne Leonard so did A to Z chrysanthemums by the PomPom factory. Together with the cartography poppies made by Achillea flowers, the table, perhaps I should call it The Table, it merits capitalisation, looked dressed, like an alien but beautiful landscape.
I've been searching for map-type fabric to make, ta da! the mapkins. I imported the material from the US but have struggled to find enough. Any readers that have a source of map fabric, get in touch. My dressmaker Ruth Bennett managed to make me a map dress and 50 n/mapkins but we need more.
Swedish supper club hostess Linn Soderstrom flew in from Stockholm with a suitcase full of herring. Flying on Norwegian airways, she was obliged to wear all her clothes on the flight to avoid excess baggage charges.
The rest of the chefs turned up with their canapés. One, Selina Rajan, wore a Tanzanian ball gown and looked stunning, especially when she revealed that her GBF had made it out of a tablecloth! What a talented bunch our guest chefs are! I can't remember having such interesting and creative canapés at a press reception.  Here are a selection of photos, plated on pages from an atlas. Seriously delish.

Courvoisier set up a bar for the night, with a cooling punch.
Finally, the global cake pops looked good. Although some melted in the hot car journey to Stratford.
Tonight is the first dinner. Chris Massamba, who hails from the Congo originally, is our guest chef who will give us a culinary tour around West African cuisine. I had some of his african sushi rolls last night, a brilliant fusion.
Book for tonight

Book here for other nights. We are spanning the globe so there is something for everyone.

See you at the Global Feast!

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