Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Edible Flower Secret Garden Club in pictures

Christina ran the gardening workshop, teaching people which flowers are edible and how to grow them. She also demonstrated how to distill your own rose water and orange flower water, so the rain wasn't a problem, we took the workshops indoors. These are a few pictures from the edible flower supper we served our guests. 
Book for the next Secret Garden Club, 22nd July: How to eat salad 365 and still laugh like these women. 

Nyetimber English sparkling wine with rocket flowers

Making geranium and dill pasta which I served with creme fraiche and pesto. Gorgeous!
 Pasta hanging up to dry over the Aga
Guests learnt to crystallise rose petals. Christina is showing how to distill your own rosewater in the background.
Flower tea was served. 

Flowery French fancies
Rose water giant meringue with blueberry syrup and cream

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