Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Global Feast during the games

Alex Haw is a nutter. But a sexy, driven, rambling, hard drinking, crazy, talented architect nutter with a split in the back of his trousers, tousled rock-star hair, and oozing with concepts and ideas. Imagine an architect version of Dennis Hopper, the caged photographer in Apocalypse Now.
And I've linked up with him, God save me, to put on this mega-production 'Global Feast' which will start on the 25th of July, 'arriving' in West Africa, moving incrementally, by 20 degrees each night,  across the globe in culinary terms, and featuring innovative chefs and supper clubs and ending on the 13th of August when we land in Rio. It's easily the most exciting food event going on this games.
The table that Alex has designed will be 20 metres long, 6 metres wide in part and 2.5 metres tall (around the Himalayas). It's a sculptural contoured depiction of our world as a table that seats 80 people.
London is multi-cultural and the food in the UK has undergone an incredible renaissance, a revolution even over the last few years. We want to celebrate that. We want visitors to Britain and London to get a whiff of authentic London. It all takes place in Stratford Old Town Hall, opposite the games.
Each night there will be food and music and talks. Most nights it will cost £55 which includes canapes, a three course meal and alcohol.

Here is the line up of chefs:

25th of July: West Africa (vegan raw food night) with wines from South Africa:

Book here

Chris Massamba, formerly of Full House supper club (from the Congo)

26th of July: Mediterranean night with Cointreau cocktails:

Book here:
The Italian Supper Club and Cinzia Ghighoni from The Table Cafe.

27th of July: Opening ceremony at the olympic games: tickets are £100 including cocktails all night 

Book here

Starters: Aoife Behan of My Home supper club and Jelly and Gin (representing Scotland and Ireland)

Mains: myself
Pudding: Denise Baker- McClearn of the Moel Faban supper club (from Wales)
28th July: Scandinavian and German night with Austrian wines from Merry Widows and Rabl wine:
Book here

Linn Soderstrom of the Hemma Hos Linn supper club (flying over from Sweden)
Dessert: Claudia of the White Room supper club (from Germany)
29th July: Central/South Africa with wines from South Africa:
Book here
Arno Maasdorp of the  Saltoun Supper club (from South Africa)
30th July: Eastern Europe 
Book here
31st July: Eastern Africa with wines from South Africa
Book here
Selina of Kuhama supper club (from Tanzania)
1st August: Middle East 
Book here
Sabrina Ghayour  of Sabrina's Kitchen supper club (from Persia)

Sally Butcher, author of Veggiestan and owner of Persepolis 
2nd August: Russian night with Vodka from Ivan the Terrible
Book here
Carina Baldry and Katrina Kolleageava  of the Russian Revels supper club (from Estonia and Russia)
3rd August: Indian sub-continent night
Book here
Chai lounge (from Edinburgh/India)
Summayya Jamil of Pukka Paki supper club (from Pakistan)
Pistachio Rose (representing Indian desserts)
4th August: China and Korean
Book here
Cherry Smart from FedbyTang supper club
5th August: Singapore
Book here
Plus Six Five supper club (from Singapore)

6th August: Vietnam and Thailand
Book here
Uyen Luu of Leluu supper club (from Vietnam) aided by
The Skinny Bib (from Thailand)

7th August: Japan
Book here
8th August: Antipodean
Book here
Anna Hansen of The Modern Pantry (from New Zealand)
9th August: North America
Book here
Scott Ball of Kooky Bakes  and The United Plates of America supper club (from the United States)
10th August: Mexico and central america
Book here
Kerstin Rodgers aka msmarmitelover (in my heart I'm from Jalapa)
11th August: Caribbean
Book here
Monica and Lee Sylvester of Tan Rosie supper club (from Trinidad)
12th August: Peru, South America
Book here
Martin Morales of Ceviche restaurant and pop ups (from Peru)
13th August: Argentina and Brazil Closing Party (and Rio is where the next games will be!) with Argentinian wines from Vinalba
Book here
Kym Kamel of The Shy Chili Supper club (from Brazil)
More news, chefs, menus and sponsors to be announced.
Go to the website: GlobalFeast2012
Like us on facebook: Global Feast on facebook
Do come. Support us. We are not corporate. Let us show the world who we are.

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