Wednesday, 1 August 2012

East Africa. 35>50 degrees longitude. Kuhama supper club from Tanzania.

Full moon in Stratford: Selina Rajan pours out sherbet
Kuhama means 'migrate' in Swahili and supper club hostess Selina Rajan has come a long way. Her roots are in the Ismaeli community in India, followers of the Aga Khan, who, one day, told his followers to move to Africa. Later, during the Asian purge during the 1970s, her family moved to the UK. So Selina's background spans the three old continents: Asia, Africa and Europe.
Her menu roams from Zanzibar to Mombassa, swings by Uganda and incorporates food from Swahili culture. The meal was accompanied by wines of South Africa and people have been remarking on the excellent quality of the wines.
Courvoisier, tamarind and mint
Deep fried cassava with lime and chilli
Griddled scallops on coconut rice
Mini lamb kebabs with their dipping sauces

Makai Paka (sweetcorn simmered in coconut, garlic and chilli)
Embe pili pili: mango, carrot, cucumber salad
Barrazi: pigeon peas cooked with traditional spices and groundnut.
Injera: Ethiopian sourdough crepes

Roasted Tilapia in Muy Muy leaves
Matoke (vegetarian option) Roasted green plaintain
Mango, coconut, sweet potato curry
Smoked rice with star anise, cinnamon, ghee
Green mango and peanut chutney

Seero: sweet semolina with cardamom and saffron
Dark chocolate with Tanzanian coffee beans
Tej wine from Ethiopia.

Selina was aided by her GBF Anni and I loved the attention to detail, the playfulness, the creativity and craft of their menu. They spent all night making menu scrolls with bamboo sticks, tiny goodie bags with  local coffee. She also looked cool and stylish in African print dresses while cooking. Selina's day job is a hospital doctor but her parents ran a restaurant. It's in the genes clearly because she came armed with detailed prep lists, bustling with efficiency and energy.
Wednesday 1st of August is Middle East night with Sabrina Ghayour and Veggiestan author Sally Butcher of Persepolis in Peckham.
Book here. £45 four courses, cocktail and alcohol.

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  1. Jambo Selina! Woww...a really interesting menu concept, looks and sounds delicious!


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