Friday, 3 August 2012

Longitude 65>190 degrees: Russian Revels at Global Feast

I can claim credit for the formation of Russian Revels, the female duo that guest cheffed last night's dinner. I first met Katrina Kollegaeva when I asked her to help out at my Russian themed supper club at The Underground Restaurant. Shortly afterwards I was invited to the launch of Karina Baldry's book on Russian cooking. I couldn't make it so forwarded the invitation to Katrina and...a partnership was born. They now run regular supper clubs and pop ups featuring both traditional Russian and former Soviet Union food.

 Moscow Mule

 A plate of zakuski ‘Tour around Russian Empire’: blinis with aubergine caviar, wild mushroom paté

Red eggs
Russian Revels pickles,
Lobio Salad (from Georgia)

Main course:
Ballotine of free-range chicken, stuffed with buckwheat, fruit chutney and bacon,
Served with Peter the Great's favourite spicy marinated cherries and herby buckwheat 

veg option – ‘Little doves’ or Flowers of cabbage stuffed with buckwheat, mushrooms, and truffle oil
Napoleon cake

Vodka shots with each course courtesy of Ivan The Terrible vodka

We also had entertainment from a talented chanteuse Jessie Pie, who purred her way across the table and sang songs of beetroot.
Another shipment of potted herbs came from The Fresh Herb Company to adorn the world scape table with forests and jungles, scents and greenery. We also got a box load from them of lemon grass, very useful for the sequence of Asian nights coming up.
This morning I'm driving to Wing Yip, the Asian supermarket in Cricklewood. I love this place, shopping there feels like travel. I went there also last Sunday where it was very buzzy with tastings and the clientele for the Chinese restaurant attached. Nowadays they seem to employ more Western staff. The prices are cheap and it's a good place to get bulk cleaning materials too. Wing Yip have agreed to sponsor most of the Asian ingredients.
Book here for Global Feast...only ten more days to go! Don't miss out!


  1. Wonderwoman - You are amazing watching and following what you are doing at the global feast makes me slightly exhausted - love the fact that you are living there now.
    Hope you have a good relax and chill time before Bestival.

  2. Wonderwoman you are amazing. Watching and following your efforts at the global feast makes me slightly exhausted knowing the energy it must take to keep it all organzed.It is very inspirational. Love the fact that you are living there now. Love all the intersting supperclub hosts and ingredients.
    Just wanted to say well done, incase no-one else has yet


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