Friday, 9 November 2012

Christmas presents for foodies 2012

Buy some pieces of Cornishware from TG Green or a vintage collector

Falcon are now doing a larger range of enamelware. I like this red and white bake set.

I'm always in two minds whether to keep my butter in the fridge or not. But for instant toast spreadability buy a proper butter dish. Like this glass French one by Rigby and Mac. £12.95

A good saucepan or frying pan will last forever. It's not romantic, you may have a few fallen faces on christmas day, but it's a damn good investment and the dividends will pay off over the years. I like the Green pan range, particularly the frying pan. The science bit: it's non stick but made out of a mineral material so it doesn't scratch or flake off. The handle is welded on so no wobbly handles.

I really must re-visit Portugal. This is a great Portuguese grocery and gift site. I'm a packaging fiend so I love these ornate vintage olive oil tins.
I'm kind of a food geek so I like stuff like this. It's fun to grow them for ten days so that the crop is ready for, say, a Sunday brunch. Kids might like this too. Espresso Mushroom company grow your own pearl oyster mushrooms box £16.50p
Hard to believe now but summer will come again. I like these indian patio umbrellas. £225 from Sorella online. I'd love one, but yes it's pricey.

Labour and Wait is one of my favourite shops. I'm on a lifelong quest for a decent peeler (I've also seen good ones at the Japan Centre).
I also like Labour and Waits chic version of school soap. Lemony! No soap sludge around your sink!

Marimekko stuff, as is everything Scandinavian, is currently cool and these pressed glass coloured icecream or dessert bowls in two sizes are bang on trend. Expensive though. Buy one for your gay best friend for christmas. 
Quintissentially gifts again are very expensive so a definite christmas indulgence. I like this UK map plate £30. Ouch!

Zinc ware has both vintage and industrial design appeal. This Waste paper basket from Scandinavian company Hus and Hem (house and home?) could be used for fruit and veg though. 96 smackeroonies. 

More zinc: a nice embossed tray from Utterly Gorgeous. Hard to find a good tray. This can be used indoors and out. 64 quid.

Pedlars has an ever changing vintage section on their site but those who know me know I love a well designed jar. Vintage Mason Jar £9.50p Don't use it for canning though. The vintage lid isn't safe for that.
I love the design of Tala's products. They've been going since the 1920s. Sugar shaker, 1960s style vintage, £7.

Vintage Pyrex is now a collectors item. So look out for it at car boot sales and charity shops. Pyrexlove is a great site for identifying the patterns. If you can't afford to spend much, then spend time looking for something cheap but unique.


  1. Brilliant list, thank you! Was just starting to freak out about buying presents and you have found me two!

  2. Ordered 4 for family, friends and fellow allotment holders!


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