Friday, 21 December 2012

End of the world dinner

Achiote, a Mexican paste; Mayan woman

Tomatillos are easy to grow in the UK
A village in Mexico; steaming tamales
The market in Oaxaca
The Mayan face
Making tortillas in Oaxaca; squash, beans, tomatillos and physalis fruit

Mexican baby (so cute) and Chichen Itza in Mexico
Different types of Mole in Oaxaca; black bean chilli with chocolate and smoked chillis; cevicheria; different chillis.
Mayans ate a very similar diet to modern Mexicans: maize, beans, squash and chillis and sweet potato. This was supplemented with tomatoes (tomatoes with pasta, the Italian dish, dates only from the 19th century), husk tomatoes (tomatillos), avocado, and fruits such as papaya, pineapple, guava. Even our traditional christmas turkey is a new world animal. The invading Spaniards must have been amazed at the variety and novelty of new world foods. The discovery of America in 1492 heralded the modern era, it was as extraordinary as embarking upon extra-terrestrial travel. Can you imagine if we discovered a whole new part of the world today, with an entire new palate of flavours, spices and ingredients? 

So tonight's End of the World dinner menu is:

Salsas, tomato and tomatillo.
Corn tortillas recipe here
Tamales recipe here
Butterflied fish with achiote recate
Roast potatoes


  1. I suppose you posted this with the Scheduler, just in case you weren't around to do it on the day!
    Some fabulous photos there too - I especially like the comparison of the Mayan faces.

  2. Haha, actually I waited around all day for the end and when it didn't come...
    Thanks I went to Mexico and Guatemala in 2007, and found it very inspiring. I could live in Mexico. And I adore the food.
    The faces are incredible: they are still the same people.


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