Thursday, 21 March 2013

Jar meal number 2

Salad in a jar a box

A couple of years ago I held a supper club in which every course was served in a jar. A couple of weeks ago I did the same thing with canning expert Gloria Nicol. 
Salads are particularly attractive  served in tall glasses or jars. I had a salad in a glass in an Israeli restaurant last year in which the salad was layered in a tall pint glass and then overturned onto your plate whereby the dressing gradually streamed from the bottom of the glass. More ideas and information on food in jars, water bath canning and pressure canning go here to our Secret Garden Club blog. 

I had this at a waterfront restaurant in Tel Aviv.


  1. I love this idea! I'm definitly going for some jar based courses at my next supperclub! Thanks for sharing!

    Anna x

  2. What a fabulous idea - I can see me trying this out for lunch at work. I always have mayo on my salads because my olive oil and balsamic kills the leaves after a few minutes. Love this!

  3. I've seen loads of things in jars recently (like drinks and cakes mainly) but love the idea of a salad jar!

  4. It is really pretty. Great for picnics and packed lunches too...


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