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Recipe: white nectarine salad with mint, avocado and almonds

white nectarine salad with mint, avocado and almonds

white nectarines

It's best to eat white nectarines raw; cooking makes them go yellow, which is fine, but the thing about this fruit is the snowy interior. Nectarines in general are the smoother skinned sister to the fuzzy peach. White nectarines are perhaps sweeter than yellow and are an older cultivar. Yellow fleshed nectarines have become more popular with farmers because they ship more easily, being hardier.
Eat white nectarines quickly once you have bought them, for they are a fickle and delicate fruit.
Not for nothing is the drink of the gods called nectar.

White nectarine salad with mint, avocado and almonds recipe

Serves four

1 red onion, sliced thinly
75ml of white wine vinegar
1 tbsp of caster sugar
1 tbsp of sea salt

2 ripe nectarines, sliced thinly
1 avocado, ripe, sliced thinly
150g goats cheese, sliced thinly
40g almonds
Olive or nut oil
Small fresh mint leaves to garnish

First pickle the onions by mixing the sliced red onion, white wine vinegar, sugar and salt together in a small bowl. Leave for at least 30 minutes. The longer you leave it the pinker the onion will become and this looks very pretty in the salad.

Then make a bed of nectarine slices, avocado slices, goats cheese slices. Scatter the almonds. Add the pickled red onion and mix a little of the pickling liquid with the oil to make a dressing.
Use fresh mint leaves to garnish.

white nectarine salad with mint, avocado and almonds


  1. Oooh this looks like the perfect mid winter salad - yum! Thanks for sharing :)


    1. It certainly brightened my week. Thanks for your comment Rosie

  2. This does look delicious but aren't nectarines summer fruit?

    1. The South African season has just started....and while I like to eat seasonally if poss, these are brought by ship and South Africans need work too!


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