Friday, 21 March 2014

Eggs and how to cook them

I did this Google Hangout with Britmums and other 'eggspert' food bloggers, all about eggs. I talk about how to tell if an egg is fresh, how to avoid the green 'rim' around a boiled egg, some simple recipes and the symbolic meaning of the egg in medieval art. It is also an interesting thought that all eggs are created by females, although some male fishes 'carry' the eggs until hatching.
It was great fun doing a hangout, lets do more!
Here are links to the recipes I was referring to:

Japanese rolled omelette recipe

Plum clafoutis recipe


  1. Thanks for sharing these recipes - really liked the sound of the clafoutis and want to give that a try some time. Here is my avgolemono (egg lemon soup) that I spoke about in the hangout :)

    1. Ooh lovely, thank you Michelle. I do think Greek cookery is very underestimated still.


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