Saturday, 21 June 2014

Outstanding blog award from Britmums

It's been a tough week, but this award from Britmums, a coalition of parent bloggers who assemble for an annual two day conference on blogging, was a highlight. That and the articles about me in the Daily Mail and the Evening Standard on l'affaire Marmite.
I did of course completely cock this up by not hearing my name being called and therefore not collecting my award. I then got up on stage afterwards, switched the mike on and, punching the air, made a call to arms about Marmite Cupcakes. My daughter cringed: 'Who do you think you are, Johnny Rotten?'
But thank you Britmums for this, I really appreciate it.
Yesterday, the first day, there was a funny and honest opening speech by Emma Freud. Then a panel of important women including Stella Creasey MP talked about women in the media. I then, being pushy mum, FORCED my daughter, (still cringing) who is studying politics at York, to collar Stella Creasey about work experience. Stella said she paid interns but only used people from her constituency in Walthamstow. Fair enough.
I gave a talk on recipe writing and copyright and today I'm giving a workshop with Cooksister, on food photography and styling. 


  1. A well deserved award and sorry for talking at the key moment! Oops! Elinor x

    1. Haha. It was weird. We were waiting for the award to be announced and next I saw everyone packing up. So we were like 'oh so who won?' and then we realised it was me!


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