Monday, 15 December 2014

New Years Eve Swedish midnight tea party

I met Swedish Chef Linn Soderstrom a few years ago when she first visited my supper club then I returned the favour by visiting hers in Stockholm. Now we've decided to put on a joint supper club on New Year's Eve, combining the Swedish recipes and Midwinters theme from my book MsMarmitelover's Secret Tea Party. 
Menu ideas:
Glogg (Swedish mulled wine)
Smorgastarta (Swedish sandwich cake)
Danish Open sandwiches (cured herring and smoked salmon sandwiches)
Pepperkakor gingerbread biscuits
Cinnamon buns
Cardamom buns
Swedish 'cats eyes' saffron buns
and plenty of other goodies.

Bring your own champagne for midnight. 
Signed copies of my new book will be available for sale.

This is all rather last minute but I'm thrilled to be working with Linn again. She's a huge talent.


  1. I won't be able to attend your tea party but I know Santa is bringing me your new book so perhaps I'll be able to make a tiny tea party of my own. I can't wait!


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