Tuesday, 14 April 2015

I'm on TV! BBC2's Food and Drink

In the midst of a particularly laddish (ie male) episode, some have called it Top Gear for food, I appeared, clad in pearls, tottering in heels with a rose and net fascinator clamped to the side of my head and slightly smeared red lipstick, in a segment of BBC2's Food and Drink talking about fashion and food. We were looking at the mash-up food of chef Dan Doherty of Duck and Waffle and an Indian Scotch egg recipe by blue-eyed presenter Andy Bates. The lipstick smears were due to the fact that I'd been waiting in the Duck and Waffle's sky-high bar, overlooking London. I can faithfully report that the cocktails were excellent.
I wasn't introduced as a chef or even a cook but as a food blogger but I'd love to do more TV. What do you think?  Here is another video by me: 
How to make marmite on toast.


  1. Good stuff Kerstin! Cocktails or no, you come over great; very screen-friendly. Rest of the programme was a bit of bloke-off mind.

    1. It was very male as was much of the series. But thanks! I'm glad I came across ok. Thanks for commenting Lee x

  2. Congrats. I admire your perseverance. And you're much more than just a food blogger.

  3. Fabulous, Kerstin!! Well done!


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