Wednesday, 1 July 2015

New supper club event: Afternoon tea at Dennis Severs' house in Spitalfields

To celebrate Afternoon Tea Week, I'm presenting a Georgian themed tea party at a historic 18th century home in Spitalfields, Dennis Severs' house, at 18 Folgate Street. I will be baking historic recipes. Dennis Severs was an American who bought a house in Spitalfields, at the time a very unfashionable area. Rather than gentrifying the house, he returned it to and carefully preserved its original decor, for instance there is no electricity. As a house it's an art installation, recreating the life of a silk-weaving Hugenot family through its various rooms.
This is a very special occasion, please book tickets here for the 14th of August at 3pm, £75.
Signed copies of my book MsMarmitelover's Secret Tea Party will be on sale as well as books relating to the period.
I'm looking at old cookbooks for recipes for the tea. I've always been a tea person rather than a coffee geek. My mum makes a cup of tea every half hour. Whenever I stay with her I lose weight. Tea is good for you! This time Newby Teas, who make award-winning tea are providing some excellent quality teas.

Some ideas I have for the menu:

Punch champagne cocktail or madeira wine

Loose leaf tea caddies and black, Indian and Chinese teas will be provided by Newby Teas
Gunpowder green tea

Watercress and cucumber sandwiches
Smoked salmon sandwiches

English muffins
Currant Tea cakes

Home made jams and preserves and clotted cream

Rock cakes
'Flat' Jacks
Lemon cheese tarts
Raspberry madeleines
Rosewater ratafia biscuits
Seed cake
Plumb cake
Candied fruits


  1. Absolutely gutted I won't be in town for this - I visited Dennis Severs' house recently and it's just stunning, so full of atmosphere so to actually have a period tea hosted by you there would be an amazing event!

  2. How can you justify the £75 price when an afternoon tea just like this happened there a couple of years back at less than half the price? You're taking the piss.

    1. London hotels charge more. And I have to pay staff, ingredients, insurance, petrol, days of baking, rent equipment, and pay a proportion to Dennis Severs house, just to mention a few of the expenses. You know nothing about the business side do you? No one is forcing you to come!

  3. This sounds amazing. Denis Severs' house is already on my 'must visit' list, AND you're hosting a Georgian themed tea-party? What a shame that I'm at the other end of the country. Will there be photographs of the event on your blog?

  4. This looks amazing! What a fabulous idea! Will we be able to take pictures and post to social media?

  5. Your blog is simply superb. I enjoy an afternoon tea when there is a good balance between sandwiches and cakes.
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