Sunday, 30 August 2015

How to make sure you are getting your due and protecting your rights as a writer and photographer

Here is a little piece I wrote for ALCS on my marmite cupcake recipe rip off (click here) on the etiquette of naming your sources when writing a recipe.
If you are a published writer or journalist it is worth joining ALCs, the Authors and Licensing Collecting Society. It costs nothing to join as your membership fee is taken from the first royalty payment.
You should also, if you are an author, join PLR, Public Lending Right, which makes sure you get royalties when your books are borrowed at Public Librairies. Membership is free.
If you are a photographer, join DACS, The Design and Artists Copyright Society, again registration is free.

More food writing advice in my book Get Started in Food Writing (Hodder 2015)

"Full of blunt, good advice" Sheila Dillon BBC Radio 4

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