Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Mexi Xmas dinner 2016

This year, slightly bored of traditional Christmas foods, my family, who are all good cooks and gourmands, decided to make a Mexican Scandinavian meal. In the end it became more Mexican - a sort of Mexi hygge. Here are some of the highlights. Above my Rosca de Reyes for pudding. 

Roast parsnips, purple sweet potatoes, oca with thyme, lime and salt. Before and After.

Cream cheese stuffed dates

Going a bit scandi here: pickled herring with beetroot on rye.


I ended up dipping these in the guac.

Niece Florian's rarebit quails scotch egg. Brilliant.

Antique silver numbers for our glasses. Woe betide anyone who loses theirs.

After canapés and champagne we decided to go out in the street near my parent's place in Exmouth Market, Clerkenwell, and do a photo session. Clearly I'd enjoyed the drinks.

Anyone who has ever made this knows it takes forever. Especially peeling the skin off the walnuts to make the sauce. Chile en Nogada, a Mexican feast day dish.

Bernie my sister in law made the turkey: spatchcocked with achiote, sour orange juice and zest, chipotle. 

The finest cheeseboard known to mankind.

The Transylvanian bark cheese, henceforth known as 'elephants foot' as in 'pass the elephants foot one'.

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