Sunday, 7 May 2017

Cinco de Mayo supper club in pictures

masa for tamales from cool chile company
jitomate chipotle sauce, Making a zacahuil, giant tamale
Making a zacahuil, giant tamale on my big green egg
 a zacahuil, giant tamale
achiote with sour orange to marinate salmon for tacos
achiote and orange roasted salmon for tacos
achiote and orange roasted salmon for tacos
zacahuil giant tamale


Hibiscus Salt-rimmed Margarita Cocktail

Elote with Sour cream, Parmesan and Tajin

Pumpkin Seed and Blue Corn Tostadas with Sea Bass Ceviche or Palm Heart Ceviche

Tacos with:
Achiote-marinated Salmon
Garlic Mushrooms
Tofu with Chipotle Salt
Oaxacan Cheese by Gringa Dairy
Red Salsa
Green Salsa
Jalapeno 'Slaw
Sour Cream
Pink Pickled Onions

Zacahuil: Giant Tamale cooked on the Big Green Egg with Butternut Squash, Chipotle and Jitomate sauce, Rajas, Peppers, Wild Garlic and Oaxacan Cheese.

Hibiscus Sorbet in Candied Lime Halves

Sweet Tamales: Chocolate Masa with Forest Fruits.

Tequila Shots: Coffee and Honey by Cazcabel

Mexican ingredients (masa, tortillas, tostadas, achiote paste, tomatillos, avocado leaves, dried chillies, corn husks) from Cool Chile Company

candied limes

Recipes to follow in next posts.

My next supper club is 21st June, Swedish Midsummer's Supper Club with Linn Soderstrom. 
Tickets here. 


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