Underground Restaurant Events

6th December: Sinterklaas supper club with Ms Foodwise Regula Ysewijn

The uber-talented food writer and photographer and author of Pride and Pudding is coming over to help me cook a Flemish feast celebrating St. Nicholas, the original Santa Klaus.

When: 6th December
What time: 7.30pm
What to wear: Dress christmassy
What to bring: Belgian beer or wine

NYE cheese fondue night 31st December

A beautiful comté cheese fondue matches rather well with champagne. After my trip to Comté this year, I want to celebrate this amazing ingredient.
Read more here.
BYO champers or order from the sparkling wine collection at Winetrust100 and it'll be delivered directly here.
When: 31st December
What time: 8.30pm till after midnight.

4th Annual Swedish midsummer's feast with Linn Soderstrom 22nd June 2018

Swedish chef Linn Soderstrom and I are getting together for the 4th year running to do our annual Swedish midsummer night's feast. These are always popular so book early.

When: 22nd June, the longest day

Food: home smoked salmon, sandalwood herrings, strawberry cake, crispbread, Scandinavian cheeses, janssens temptation, gravad lax. 
Look: Swedish/Scandi/flower crowns/Viking/ Sheild Maiden. Channel your inner IKEA.
Bring: your own booze. (Swedish vodka, beer, cider, perry, aquavit is recommended). 


Alcohol: BYO or order from winetrust100.com to be delivered directly.

The Secret Garden Club events which comprise a workshop and supper club are available here. Zia Mays talks and teaches, I do the cooking.

For more Secret Garden Club events, go to my other blog:



  1. Good Morning Ms marmite,

    Could you please add me to your list find a supper club. I have sent a message a couple o times but im not sure if ive sent it to the correct address. Trishstastydishes wakefield caribbean supper club.


    1. Best to write to me at Find a supper club: supperclubfangroup.ning.com

  2. Hi - Just found you for the first time! I also tried to sign up for the find a supper club and don't seem to have had the confirming email :) Love your blog already.


    1. Hi giddyauntlola, sometimes it takes me a while to confirm, but I should have done it by now....

  3. Hi! Do you have any Underground Restaurant supper club evenings planned for 2014? If so, do you know when tickets are likely to become available? I've seen the Underground Cooklit Festival on We Got Tickets but assume this is a bit different.

    Thanks :)

    1. Hi Yes I'm going to put up some dates. The Underground Cooklit festival, details will be announced soon!

  4. Hi,
    I have bought your wonderful book and I am enjoying trying out the delicious recipes.
    Do I have to be on twitter to enter your competition ?

  5. No you don't Susan. You can just put a comment in the comments.

  6. Hi does anyone know the regulations for holding a supper club at a community centre? Thanks

    1. Hi Catia,
      It's not much different from anywhere else. Get public liability insurance from Simply Business though. Check out find a supper club. Buy my book Supper Club, recipes and notes from the underground restaurant.

  7. Hi Kerstin, Im your fan from Argentina. I'd like to know if your supper club will be open from 23 December to 2 January, cause I'll be in London those days... Lolove Pott (nickname in Facebook)

    1. Hi Lolove, I always do a New Years Eve supper club so look out for that. Be lovely to meet you xx


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