Wednesday, 7 May 2008

The Rules

The last few men I have seen all claim to be into 'polyamory'. Does this work? I don't know. My natural instincts are for monogamy but how boring is that? Or are these men into free love until they meet the right person at which point they transform into dutiful monogamous husbands. Hmm, slightly doubting that too. If you 'ban' someone else from doing what they want to do, is that a good relationship?
There was a book called The Rules, which was popular in the States recently about how to ensnare a man. He has to call by a certain date. You have to pretend that you are not interested for a long time. You must not sleep with them on the first date! In fact you musn't sleep with them for several weeks. You must expect gifts and that they pay for you. (Gifts would be nice I must admit.) It is back to old fashioned 1950's style dating , the kind which my mother approved of and understood how to play all too well.
This assumes that women do not have a sex drive. This assumes a basic inequality between the sexes. This assumes that man is the hunter and woman is the prey. This assumes that "no means yes" and all the messy connotations that go along with that. Woman is still Madonna or whore and there ain't no grey areas. You are either on a pedestal or in the gutter. The modern age never happened. 

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