Saturday, 2 August 2008


The Aoutiens (people who go on holiday for the month of August) are out, the Jullietistes (ditto month of July) have gone home...
The annual French road carnage has started...driving on the autoroutes here is like participating in a particularly brutal video game...they have one of the highest accident fatality rates in Europe.
May pop by to Saint Maximim -la Sainte-Baume for my Magdalene fix.
Coming photo reportage on Tartes Tropeziennes...that breed of women of a certain age who all look like Brigitte

Update: almost got arrested yesterday while being held hostage in back room of St Tropez club by Idi Amin lookalike. Full story in a week...don't want to scoop the papers...

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  1. Dear Ms ML,

    just wanted to extend my greetings and note my respect to your blogging in extremis...

    hope your hand heals perfectly and your car transports you safely and surely to France and home again...



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