Tuesday, 9 September 2008

How to pack for a festival

Flip-flops if you decide to shower (I never do)
Dry shampoo
Plastic bag to put wellies in at the end.
Dental floss (to get the food bits out in case you get a snog).
Think layers.
Mini dress (in funky Kate Moss style)
Over the knee socks that you can roll up/down depending on weather.
More socks
Wellies (buy 2 sizes too big in order not to get trench foot also for ease of getting on/off before getting in tent)
Jeans bad idea. Too heavy if they get wet.
Warm but mad looking jacket/coat for evenings. 
Pashmina or poncho. Can be used as pillow too.
Ball gown. 
Umbrella, cool accessory plus you can remain dry and still look good.
Cotton knickers (to reduce probability of nappy rash/thrush/mould after thigh chafing walks with soggy gussets due to no toilet paper)
Swimming costume (for showers or hot weather)

This list is good for both men and women.


  1. I'd add to the list, a hand-rechargable torch; the kind with a dynamo inside that you shake like a medicine bottle to make work. One of the mysteries of camping is that no matter how carefully you pack spare batteries they always dematerialize from your rucksack when you get to the campsite. Any batteries that somehow survive this etheric abduction process mysteriously go flat after five minutes of use.

  2. Good point but I'd make it one of those head lamp types...so useful if you have to put up your tent in the dark.
    Do you think this etheric abduction process is similar to the Great Washing Machine God, who requires sock sacrifices during every wash?

  3. Yes. And It's always the smelliest isn't it!? The pair you've been wearing all week and hope nobody notices, but can't be bothered to change! God must be a bit a sadist!


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