Sunday, 14 September 2008

Onam festival, Tooting

Eating off a fake banana leaf.

Flower petal decoration/mandala.

Strange tapioca like confection for pudding; one brown, one white.

Full Moon on Tooting Broadway, Sarf London. A restaurant that celebrates the Keralan festival of Onam with 9 courses on a banana leaf. You eat with your right hand. On this occasion the banana leaves were not real, sort of green paper table mats, as the restaurant could not obtain the right sort of banana leaves locally. Little multi-coloured dollops, red, white, yellow, brown. Banana served in different ways, au naturel (wasn't sure if you were supposed to dip it into the chutneys or what), fried banana crisps and banana chips. Various curries and concoctions, some of the most interesting food I've had in a while. Tasted a new vegetable: drumsticks, a little like salsify but dark green. Best thing: whole rice with dahl and melted ghee poured over it. Yum. It cost £7.99, you were entitled to refills. 


  1. It was excellent. Most original meal I've had in ages.

  2. This is indeed a nice holiday for Keralites. I love the recipes so as the pookalam and competition. Love it! Happy Onam to all~


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